About Us

Sutherland engineers is a South African based multi-disciplinary consulting engineering practice.

Sutherland Engineers, founded in 1991, is a multi-disciplinary consulting engineering practice with offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Nairobi.  Our services include Structural, Civil, Mechanical (HVAC, Wet Services, Fire, Vertical Transportation and Energy Modelling), Electrical, Electronic and Specialist Façade Engineering Services.

We are committed to thoroughly optimise all engineering aspects under our control.  We pride ourselves in offering optimal engineering solutions, innovative and proactive planning, technologically cutting-edge design and personal hands-on attention to our clients and fellow professionals.  Our passion and drive are summarised by our encompassing motto, ‘optimal engineering’.

With global awareness of sustainability and project cost and operational optimisation, Sutherland Engineers has vested its expertise and software capabilities to positively impact sustainability across all projects. In doing so, they are focused on keeping abreast of the latest products, materials, and methods available.