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The façade of a building is a key element that expresses the architectural character of the building. It is also the element that defines the building envelope, separating inside from outside, and performing the critical tasks of ensuring comfort conditions for the occupants, whilst meeting the sustainability and energy efficiency intentions of the building owner.

Sutherland’s specialist façade engineering services is highly attuned to the subtle interplay of architectural form making and high performance strategies, with a focus on thermal and visual comfort conditions as a thread throughout the design process to ensure that optimal façade solutions are offered to our clients. Facades are often one of the larger financial cost elements of a building being as much as around 15%, but the financial impact of the performance of the façade can impact the lifetime cost of the building to a far greater extent. The façade performance strategies selected during the design process are thus a critical aspect of the building’s lifetime financial viability.

At Sutherland, we understand the balance of decisions to be made in order to optimise the building envelope design. Therefore, we can provide this expertise to our private developer, corporate and institutional clients, and specialist detail design services to façade sub-contractors.

Since its inception in 2015, Sutherland Facades has designed and delivered a substantial portfolio of iconic buildings across Southern, Western, and Eastern Africa.

CTICC Extension East

CTICC – East Extension

Two tunnels were also constructed below busy roads – one for back of house use, and one for access to the parking basement. Both tunnels had to negotiate existing 132kV cables, and the one table had to be constructed below a large culvert below Heerengracht Street. Innovative solutions were needed for both.

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Oceans Mixed-Use Development

This development comprises a 33,000m² world-class shopping mall, 800 seater state of the art conference centre, 444 apartments spread over two residential towers, 3654 parking bays as well as a 200 key hotel.

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Rosebank Link

Fifteen storey building featuring two basement parking levels, a pedestrian walkway with ground floor retail space, five parkade levels and eight levels of rentable office space.

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